It’s that time of the year – school is back in session! Some of our patients know exactly what to do with their braces while away but our new patients are just getting used to things. This is a friendly reminder list to help you out while you’re hitting the books.

1) Toothbrush and Toothpaste- food can get stuck in your braces when you eat at school. Try to remember to brush after meals or snacks.

2) Wax- keep extra wax in your backpack in case any wires or appliances start to poke throughout your day.

3) Mirror- an easy way to look at your braces to make sure nothing is stuck in them!

4) Rubberbands/Elastics- keep plenty of bags of these at home, in your desk, in your locker, everywhere! You should be changing these multiple times throughout the day so keep them easily accessible.

5) Retainer Cases/Invisalign Cases- try to keep an extra one of these at school so your retainer doesn’t end up in the trash can!

6) Mouthguard- you’ll want to make sure you have one for your after school sports practice. We want to protect that smile.